10 Mysterious Ancient Artifacts

New archaeological founds are consistently being dig up. Many of this artifacts has a past no one was able to decipher. Here are the Top 10 Mysterious Ancient Artifacts.

10. Ica Stones

icadinoeatmanStarting off the list would be a collection of andesite (A type of volcanic rock) found near Ica, Peru. These stones includes drawing of dinosaurs, assumed advanced technology, representation of open heart surgeries and other form of surgeries. Made famous by Peruvian physician, Javier Cabrera Darquea in 1966, these stones has been used as evidence of the possibility that humans live within the proximity of dinosaurs. Cabrera obtains most of this Ica stone from a farmer, Basilio Uschuya, who at that time, claimed it was authentic. However, in a 1973 interview, Uschuya claimed the stones to have been faked, along with another farmer, they self carved the stones copying images from comic books, textbook and magazines. 03ica_stones-wall_of_animalsLater on, he reclaimed his ‘hoax’ story, explaining it was to avoid imprisonment for selling archaeological artifacts. Few years on, indecisive, Uschuya finally admitted again it was hoaxed. Along with Uschuya, skeptics insisted the Ica stones were just a hoax. However, authenticity of the stone has yet to be proven or disproven.

09. Phaistos Disc


Discovered in 1908 on the Greek island of Crete by Italian archaeologist, Luigi Pernier. With a diameter of about 15 cm, this mysterious disk is stamped with a spiral of symbols of both sides. Consisting of 242 tokens with 45 distinct symbols, it is believed the symbols represent a prayer to the Minoan goddess when scientist, Dr. Gareth Owen claims to have deciphered it. This assumption is due to the repeated amount of times the symbols believed to represent ‘goddess’ or ‘mother’ have appeared on the disc. However, it is not confirmed what this mysterious language dating back to as far as the Minoan Bronze age (2nd millennium B.C.) inscribed on the disc could really be of. What it exactly represent is still very much debatable. As far as we know it could be an ancient Minoan CD-Rom or simply just an ancient Frisbee.download

08. Genetic Disc

b622e10a3b6aa03225dbbdf5c45e30f9From one disc thought to be used for religious purpose to one thought to be used for pregnancy, this 6000 years old disc, discovered in the territory of Columbia, is said to be made out of lydite (Very hard material), measuring 22 cm in diameter and weighs as much as 2 kg. One theory suggest this disc is a ‘pregnancy calendar’. Along with another calendar (Believed to be the Mayan calendar), the disc is spun, allowing pregnant women to know which stage of pregnancy they are in. Weird! This theory is derived from the illustrations of intrauterine fetal development in all stages covered on both sides of the disc. There are also reasons for skeptics to believe it could be hoax, one reason is that lydite material is as hard as granite. It would be really difficult for such intricate carvings to be done especially in ancient times, though, a lot of pretty spectacular things were achieved back then. Could it have been a hoax or really a 6000 year old disc or maybe even proof of alien life ever existing (As some were to believe)? But lets not get too carried away.download (1)

07. London Hammer

hammerFossilizedThis part hammer, part rock Frankenstein, was discovered in London, Texas back in 1936. The hammer is made out of iron (The head) and wood (The body). The metal head is measured out to be as long as 15 cm (6 in) in length and 25 mm (1 in) in diameter. The London hammer is heavily regarded as an anomalous artifact (Artifacts that are out-of-place) due to the fact that it’s a man-made tool, encased in a rock older than human existence (400 million years). What is so special about this then? For the hammer to have been completely trapped in a 400 million year old rock, it would have to be older than 400 million which is impossible, considering mankind did not exist then. London_HammerOn top of that it has not rusted since its discovery in the 1930s. One scientifically logical explanation as to why it was embedded in the limy rock was due to the minerals in the ancient limestone forming concretion around the hammer which is thought to be from the 1800s. That could be it definitely!

06. Baghdad Battery

baghdad-batteryFrom London, Texas we travel all the way to a village in Baghdad, Iraq. There you would probably find the Baghdad Battery or sometimes known as the Parthian battery. Wilhem Konig, an assistant of a museum in Iraq, discovered this mystery in the 1930s. This vase-like shaped battery is made out of a ceramic tube standing at about 130 mm (5 in) tall housing a cylinder made of rolled copper sheets. In the cylinder, is a single iron rod which is isolated from the copper using bitumen as a stopper. Upon further research of his dig, Konig hypothesized, it is used to electroplate precious metal such as gold on silver objects. He supports his evidence due to the gold-plated artifacts he observed in Iraq. However, till this day his theory is not accepted as the gold-plated artifacts he thought to be electroplated were in fact fire-gilded. Thus, insufficient evidence were given to support Konig hypothesis. It is still the most logical explanation of its used to this day.download (2)

05. Roman Dodecahedron

1421915767802From Wales to Hungary and Spain to Italy, over 100 of these 12 sided pentagon shaped flat surface can be found almost all over the world including Southeast Asia. Mostly found in Germany and Frances, this small mystery comes in sizes as small as 4 cm to as a big as 11 cm and also come in various material including bronze and stone and some are gold. Dating back to the 2 or 3 AD, it is designed with knobs on each corner of the dodecahedron. Significance of the knobs are unknown, probably to weld the whole structure in place. Consisting of different sizes of hole on each of the 12 sides, it is theorized to be used as a form of measuring system to estimate distance or as gauges to calibrate pipes. 170px-Roman_dodecahedronThis remains to be the prevailing hypothesis. Other hypothesis includes, being used as candlestick holder, a 12 sided dice and determining optimal sowing date for winter grain. However, insufficient evidence proves any of this theory. It can be confirmed that this artifact is greatly valued, evidently by some of it being found in coin hoards. Here is a video of another possibility of what it could be potentially be used for.

04. Quimbaya Artifacts

6291e89caa85a9bef4ce8b670aa50316Over 100 of these figurines are discovered in Columbia, which is believed to date back to around 1000 CE. Made by the Quimbaya civilization, they range between 5 to 7.5 cm in length. Most archaeologist believe it represents animals such as birds, reptiles, fish, insects and other mammals. However, astronaut theorist argues some of these figurines does not look like any known animal. They also concluded it is a representation of ancient aircraft due to its accurate aerodynamically structure design of the figures. This puts the Quimbaya artifacts as an out-of-place artifacts (OOPArts) as the aircraft was not discovered until 1903 by the famous Wright brothers. Proving the figurines were ancient flying machines, in 1994, three Germans, Algund Eenboom, Peter Belting and Conrad Lübbers, went on to make an accurate scale up model of the figurines. Minus the complex details, they made a radio controlled aircraft and discovered it could fly. This could evidently prove what the Quimbaya figurines design is thought to represent. This small, gold artifacts can currently be observed in the Gold Museum, Bogota. plane

03. Ubaid Lizardmen

Moving on to an archaeological site in Al Ubaid, Iraq, 7000 years old artifacts were found of what seems to be like a humanoid statue with lizard like characteristics discovered in 1919.f434fb50132b9e8d4743635693333b40 This pre-Sumeria were shaped with long heads, almond-shaped eyes, long tapered faces and a lizard-type nose which gives of the lizard impression. The figurines were said to consist of both male and female gender and all of it were given different poses. Some female figurine were seen carrying a baby (With same lizard features) being breastfed. Poses such as this disproves the possibility of the statues being used for religious purpose or being worshiped as God/Goddess. In many ancient culture, there are many tales involving lizard-like figures communicating with people. Also, it is theorized to represent serpents which are a major symbol in many ancient culture. This figurines raised question such as if this could possibly indicate Lizard-liked used to live among us hidden in great depths? Are they still living among us, an idea popularized by David Icke? Whatever it represents, it sure looks creepy

02. Nampa Figurine

artifact, UFO, UFOs, sighting, sightings, alien, aliens, Idaho, news, area 51, secret, Mars, moon, NASA, sun, soho, venus, Nellis, AFB, mac, phoenix, lights, base, anomaly, IO, history,Rewind back to 1889, this 37 mm long figurine was discovered 320 feets below us in Nampa, Idaho. Thought to be carved into the shape of a clothed woman, this figurine is found laying under a stratum, which is only possible if the figurine existed for more than 2 million years ago. There is almost zero evidence disproving the genuinity of this artifacts, baffling even more scientists. Although there are reasons to believes it was possible for the figurine to make its way down, no one was still able to explain its mechanism evidently. Could it be evidence of time travel? Possibly! As modern human did not exist till 200 000 years ago, this would not have been possible. Or could this be evidence that modern mankind did exist way earlier than we anticipated. This small artifact could potentially rewrite history. Maybe it just a clay coincidentally shaped like a woman. Whatever the explanation could be, it is one to leave scientists questioning.

01. Antikythera Mechanism

Named after a Greek island, this artifacts is found in an Antikythera shipwreck in Greece, Antikythera in 1901. This object was designed to be used as an analogue computer or orrery (Mechanical model of solar system) to predict the astronomical positions for calendrical and atrological purposes. It is thought to be the earliest form of computer. Believed to date back to the 150 – 100 BC, this mechanism consist of 30 meshing bronze gear (Largest gear consisting of 223 teeth), found housed in a 340 mm x 180 mm x 90 mm wooden box. antikythera-03bWith many of its parts missing it would be really to decipher how it’s used. It was reserved a spot in the OOPArts due to its technologically advanced designed (Nothing surpassed it for 1500 years). Currently, experts are trying to decode inscriptions hidden inside this mechanism to really understand the significance of this wondrous mechanism.

So here at the 10 Ancient Artifacts with mysterious pasts yet to be discovered. Of course, there are still many more unexplainable artifacts that exist now or waiting to be discovered soon in the future

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