10 Times The Simpsons Predicted the Future

Simpsons, the yellow family loved by many. Popular for being one of the longest TV sitcom, this television phenomenon has already aired for more than 2 decades and still going on. However, that’s not all this animated sitcom is popular for, they are also known to make predictions about the future countless of time which eventually came true. Out of the many, here are The Top 10 Times the Simpsons Predicted the Future

10. The Lady Gaga’s Halftime Show

gaga-simpsons-1024x576.pngLady Gaga had a spectacular performance in the 2017 Super Bowl halftime show floating down with a harness as part of her performance. Rewind back to 5 years before, in 2012, The Simpsons had already thought of it first. In one of their episode, ‘Lisa goes Gaga’ (Season 23 Episode 22), shows a scene of which Lady Gaga, soared through the air via a harness at the start of her performance. Minus the pyrotechnic bra (Parodied from an attire of another Gaga performance) and Gaga gliding down instead, you will get the Lady Gaga 2017 Super bowl halftime show performance. Did the Simpsons really predicted this to or was it just a coincidence or could it logically be that Lady Gaga was inspired to do so, from that episode? Even so, as she guest starred in that episode.

09. Giant Mutated Tomatoes

In this episode titles ‘E-I-E-I-D’oh’ (Season 11 Episode 5), Homer created a mutated crop of tomato. article-2367436-1ADC734D000005DC-885_634x485Using Plutonium to make the crops grow ‘real big and real fast’, he fused Tomato and tobacco to form a new crop he calls ‘Tomacco’ which is proved to be highly addictive despite its horrible taste. 14 years later, in 2013, mutated vegetables were discovered in Japan. It is confirmed by authorities that the cause of this deformity is due to the lingering radioactivity from a Fukushima nuclear power plant meltdown in 2011 very much like the radioactive plutonium used by Homer Simpsons to create the Tomacco. Mutations include multiple plants fused together and some are grown ridiculously big in size. d1fbeb6af67c437b8a23274298a6f9eaHere is an article on the mutated vegetables. Also, inspired by the Simpsons Tomacco, Rob Baur, implanted tobacco roots with tomato stems to genetically grow Tomacco. He met up with writer of the Tomacco episode, Ian Maxtone-Graham and even gave him a self-grown Tomacco to try. An article on Rob Baur man made Tomacco can be found here

08. Grease Thieves



Recently, stealing grease from restaurants has been a common crime due to its high value as bio diesel. By pilfering used cooking oil and old grease, it would then be sold on the black-market at a very high value. This black-market entrepreneurs can often be seen vacuuming out old grease from restaurant, usually at night. Possibly inspired by another Simpsons episode, ‘Lard of the Dance’ (Season 10 Episode 01), briefly it circles around Homer Simpsons as he learnt he could make profit by stealing old greases from restaurant and then reselling it. One night, Homer along with Bart Simpson, drove to the Krusty Burger where they then begin to siphoned used grease from the restaurant but went through a few mishaps along the way.

07. Horse meat Scandal

You have probably heard of this news in 2013, when it was reported horse meat that were undeclared in most of the meat content sold in Europe. tumblr_inline_nxcafuLX6O1shsvef_540.jpgThis was discovered when meats of frozen beefburgers sold in most Irish & British supermarkets contained traces of horses DNA. Although, it was reported not harmful to the health it is still being concerned as this could indicate potential harmful substance being added in food, if not now then in the future and people would be left unaware. However, 20 years before it happened, in an episode titled ‘Sweet Seymour Skinner’s Badasssss Song’ (Season 5 Episode 19), the Simpsons had already seen it coming first. A scene in this episode, shows the cafeteria lunch lady unloading processed horse parts from a barrel to be cooked and served to the children. Could have been a warning or just a coincidental joke? Here is an article on the 2013 horse meat scandal.

06. Voting Machine Changed the Vote

In a 2008 episode of the Simpsons, ‘Treehouse of Horror XIX’ (Season 20 Episode 4), in the opening scenes, Homer Simpson attempted to vote for Barrack Obama, Democratic candidate for the 2008 Presidential election. Instead, the machine was rigged to give the vote to Republican candidate John Mccain. After six tries, Homer went on to report the fault but got sucked in by the machine and killed in order to hide the truth. Fast forward 4 years, to the next Presidential election, uploaded on reddit, hqdefault.jpga voter experienced the same mishap when he intended to vote for Barrack Obama, but instead his vote was changed to one for Mitt Romney. Fortunately, the voter was not sucked in by the machine. Although it was still unclear from the video if it was a hacking job or simply a software error, the resemblance was spot on. Here is a video of the 2012 Presidential election voting error.

05. 9/11

Of course one of the most controversial topic, this terrorist attack was one of the most well known and debatable Simpson prediction. simpsons911.jpgIf you don’t already know, 9/11 is a horrific incident in 2001 of which two planes, hijacked by terrorist crashed into two towers of the World Trade Center in New York city. 4 year before the attack, in the first episode of season 9, ‘The City of New York vs Homer Simpsons’ (Season 9 Episode 1), a scene shows Lisa Simpson showing Bart and Homer Simpson a magazine. This magazine has too much of a coincidence with the attacks. As seen from the picture, at the top it’s titled New York, priced at $9 and the two tower beside it which resembles a lot like the number 11. This makes it look like a warning, New York 9/11. Executive producer of the show at that time, Bill Oakley insist it is a mere coincidence claiming the $9 was a comically cheap fare as compared to 10 or 11 or 8 and the shadow of the NYC tower were just to make an ad. Whether it is a warning or just something too coincidental, it is definitely one to make us question.

04. Tiger attack on Roy Horn

Siegfried Fishbacher and Roy Horn were German magicians and entertainer, known for making appearance with white lions and white tigers. 306420_5_.jpegUnfortunately, in 2003, during a performance Roy Horn was mauled by a 7 year old white tiger named Montecore, potentially ending their 13 years career. However, Roy survived the attack and managed to regain the ability to walk and talk. 10 years later, in 1993, an episode was aired titled ‘$pringfield (or, How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Legalized Gambling)’ (Season 5 Episode 10) featuring a parodied scene of Siegfried and Roy known as Gunter and Ernst in that episode. The Scene shows the entertainer duo attacked by a white tiger during a performance after the tiger reminiscence back to the time the duo captured him. Did Montecore had a sudden flashback too or was he inspired to do so after watching this episode of the Simpsons?

03. Modern Technologies

Modern technologies is a very common prediction which have been featured in several episodes of the Simpsons, but it is no surprised that this animated fantasies exist now. 181602With the world everyday changing and becoming more modernized now, more and more advanced technological discovery would start popping up. One example ofa modern technology foreseen, include communication via a watch, in a 1995 episode, ‘Lisa’s Wedding’ (Season 6 Episode 19), her fiance in the future was seen communicating through his watch, then, in 2013, Samsung released the smartwatch which can be communicated with. Also featured in this episode, is the ability to communicate via real time video camera (Facetime) and also a futuristic library making use of robots, all of which exists now. In another episode, ‘Lisa on Ice’ (Season 6 Episode 8), 65it features the famous auto correct fail, when Dolph wrote ‘Beat up Martin’ on his smartphone and it auto corrected to ‘Eat up Martha’. As we all know and might have experience, the auto correct is still occurring. Admittedly, that scene has helped in the design of the Iphone.

02. The Higg’s Boson

o-SIMPSONS-570.jpgWhat is the Higg’s Boson? Simply put it is a particle believed to be the final piece to the standard model – Theory describing three out of four known fundamental forces in the universe. It is an energy force thought to exist in the universe allowing weak forces and electromagnetic force to co-exist in the standard model of particle physics. Honestly, I had a hard time wrapping my head around this Higg’s Boson theory, so, here is an article on it to torture your brain. The significance the Simpsons played in this is when Homer Simpson discovered the mathematics behind the Higg’s Bonson 14 years before scientists eventually figured it out. Although, Homer’s calculation was said to give of a slightly larger mass of the Higg’s Boson compared to its nano-mass, it was still applauded to be a very accurate equation by Homer Simpson. Deserving Nobel price receiver?

01. Donald Trump’s Presidency

If you haven’t already heard, Donald Trump is the new president of the United States of America when he won the 2016 Presidential Election. CzLVEukWQAAx77c.jpgThis became the top news of 2016 with mixed reactions from almost everyone in the world. Who would have thought Trump would be president? The Simpsons definitely did. Travel back 16 year before it happened, The Simpsons already ‘predicted’ it. In a 2000 episode titled ‘Bart to the future’ (Season 11 Episode 17), Bart traveled to a future where Lisa was the President. In one scene, Lisa said “As you know, We have inherited quite a budget crunch from President Trump”, indicating their previous President, President Trump, caused the country to go broke. Could that eventually be true too? In an interview with writer Dan Greaney, he explained it was meant as warning to the country as “it was consistent with the vision of America going insane”.

So, Here are the Top 10 times The Simpsons predicted the future. There are still many more predictions by The Simpson that came true. Would there be even more predictions to look out for, by the still on going animated sitcoms?

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