10 Strangest World Records

Due to questions about the fastest Game Bird, Sir Hugh Beaver, managing director of Guinness brewery at that time, came out with the idea of a book that compiles records to settle arguments in pubs. Compiled by Norris and Ross Mcwhirter, who runs a fact-finding agency, they published the first book in 1954 which is now known as the Guinness Book of Record. Of the many records set and broken, here are the 10 strangest world records.

10. Largest Naked Roller-coaster riders

If you like riding roller coasters and getting naked here is a record you might want to try to beat along with another 102 other naked roller coaster rider enthusiasts. coaster-a-584This strange record is currently held by Adventure Island of Southend-on-Sea, Essex and 102 naked riders in 2010. The roller coaster had to go 3 times to achieve this feat of 102 naked riders. Apart from setting a world record, it was also a charity fundraiser for the Southend Hospital Charitable Foundation: Bossom Pal Appeal which raised £22,000 and a lot of eyes towards them of course. Participants came from all over UK, some directly or indirectly affected by cancer and so as a way of giving back. This clothless record was previously set by Alton Tower, Staffordshire in 2004 of only 32 people. Next time, you’re taking a roller coaster be mindful, a bare butt could have made contact with your seat.

09. Tallest Mohawk

Image result for tallest mohawkWhat is almost 4 feet, and is in the Guinness World Record for the tallest Mohawk? It is Japanese designer and record holder, Kazuhiro Watanabe and his hairdo. This 5 foot 7 man wanted to be in the books, he initially decided to down the most Tabasco sauce, but after 15 years of growing out his hair, the 40-year-old was able to beat the previous record of tallest Mohawk set by German, Stefan Srocka and his almost 3 feet Mohawk. This hair-raising record took the stylist 2 hours, 3 can of hairspray and a large bottle of gel to achieve this look and his name into the books. When let down, his hair reaches as far as his knee.

08. Most Piercing

Piercing her way through the Guinness World Record is Elaine Davidson, a very decorated person holding the record of the most piercing in a lifetime since 2000 with a total of 462 piercing, 192 of which is on her face alone. Her piercing has been increasing ever since. As of May 2016, Most piercings in a lifetime (female)her total piercing internally and externally is as much as 9,800 piercing, most of which is found in her genitalia. Rolf Buchholz hold another record for most piercing in a single count for males along with his 453 piercings, 278 of which is in the genital area. They sure would have a hard time getting through airport security.

07. Stretchiest Skin

Garry Turner, holds the Guinness World Record for the stretchiest skin which extends as far as 15.8 cm. Turner was able to achieve this due to a condition called the Ethlers-Danlos Syndrome, a very rare disorder occurring in 1 in half a million. This occurs when the collagen to strengthen the skin becomes defective allowing the skin to become loose and stretchable and also excessive movement of the joint. As of now there is no known Stretchiest skincure but it is said stretching the skin does not hurt however other effects of the disorder such as the joints does hurt. Where there are more skin, Gary is able to stretch it out further such as the stomach, neck and arms area while area with lesser skin such as the palms and feet does not stretch as much. He is able to pull the skin of his neck up completely covering his lips.

06. Longest Fingernail

The record for the longest fingernail on a pair of hands is currently held by Lee Redmond for females and Melvin Boothe for males. Redmond nails holds the record with a total of 8.65 m. She has not cut her nails for over 30 years since 1979 and take really good care of it, consistently soaking it in olive oil and cleaning with a toothbrush. Unfortunately, in 2009, Redmond was involved in a car accident which luckily she survived but not all her 10 nails. Longest fingernails on a single hand - everBoothe holds the same record in the male category with a remarkable combined length of 9.85 m, when measured in 2009. Unluckily, Booth passed away in the same year. Another related record is ‘Longest Fingernail on a Single Hand’ held by an Indian, Schridhar Chillal with a total length of 909.6 cm, an average of 181.2 cm for each nail.

05. Most Spoon Balanced on the Face

Most spoons balanced on the faceDalibor Jablanovic held this record in 2013 when he stick a total of 31 spoons on his face. Since a young age he was able to balance metal objects onto his body including spoons and coins. He also hold 10 other strange record, to name a few; Most dice aligned in same number within 30 sec while being blindfolded (29 dice), Most sticky notes stuck on face in one minute (35 sticky notes) and Most spoons stuck to face in one minute (22 spoons). In 2016, Jablanovic set a new record of Most spoon balanced on the body with 79 spoons beating previous record by 26 spoons which was held by Etibar Elchiyev. Could he be the real-life Magneto? Not really. Science spoils the fun by claiming that metals would stick to any hairless smooth body very much like a glue than magnetic forces.

04. Loudest Burp

Image result for loudest burpBurping his way into the record books is this Australian man, Paul Hunn, who holds the record of Loudest Burp of 109.9 decibels. How loud is that? Well to put into perspective is louder than a large orchestra and a thunder is only 20 decibels higher a 130 decibels. Still not impressive? Hearing loss could occur if you were listening to a noise of 109 decibel for more than 1.88 min that how loud the burp is. Hunn has held this record for over 16 years, observing many challengers who came and go in an attempt to break his record. He achieved this by drinking as many fizzy drinks continuously to build up the gas in his stomach and then allowing a huge release through his mouth.

03. Longest Mustache

Measuring at an astonishing feat of 4.29 m, Ram Singh Chauhan mustache has held this record since 2010. The Indian, has not cut his mustache for over three decades, claiming it is his most prized possession. Chauhan grooms his mustache very well using only all-natural products. With no intention in being in the books, Chauhan said it is an age-old tradition in Indian culture and in his family to be growing mustache and not shaving it. Longest moustacheHis father was growing and now his son is growing a stache too. It even landedhim roles in Bollywood and Hollywood such as in a James Bond movie, ‘Octopussy’ Some tips by Chauhan; Start growing at a young age, Groom and take good care of it, Get the support of your family, Tolerate discomfort and Do not be a slave to fashion. With this you can probably grow your own 14 ft mustache. Chauhan surely saves a lot of money and time

02. Hairiest Ear

Mr Bajpai with his Guinness Book Of World Records certificate, presented to him in 2003 when his ear hair measured 13.2cm in length. It is now 25cm longFrom the world longest mustache to the world longest ear hair, Radhakant Bajipai from India holds the record for the longest ear hair when he set in 2003 with a length of 13.5 cm. Now his ear hair has grew to 25 cm although it has yet to be confirmed as a new record. Despite initially being pestered by his wife to cut it off, it has now became his pride. He started to grow out his ear hair when he was 18 and took great care of it, using only a special blend of herbal shampoo. The main reason he started growing out his ear hair was because he believe it is a symbol of luck which is evident from when he graduated from a prestigious college, meeting his wife and being in the books of World Records. No challenger was able to break his record and his name still remain in the books.

01. Most World Records

Along with more than 600 records, Ashrita Furman, has set the Guinness World Record AshritaSettingBat-BalancingRecord.JPGfor holding the most Guinness World Record. As of 2017, he is still holding more than 200 records and is still attempting to break records at the age of 62. Some of his recent records include ‘Highest mountain climb on stilts (9,398 ft)’, Jumping on shortest usable Pogo stick (23,74 in)’ and most underwater rope jumping in one hour (1,608)’. He started breaking records in 1979, his first being doing 27,000 jumping jacks in 6 hours. He has been travelling around the world along with his meditation group attempting to break records, he has done so in up to 40 countries. Furman has always been fascinated by the amazing feats set by human and began breaking records after he started studying meditation which is when he believes nothing is impossible. He even has his own website you can check out here.

Here are the 10 strangest world records. From riding the roller coasters naked to having the longest ear hair. Although they are pretty weird feats, it still proves humans are able to achieve the amazing.

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