10 Craziest Sports that Exists

Sports has been around for many years and sure has evolved to make it fun for everyone. But there sure are many crazy sports that actually exist out there and you may never have heard of it. From chasing cheese to stuffing ferrets down your legs, here are the 10 Craziest Sports that actually Exists!

10. Extreme Ironing

Image result for extreme ironingIf you like a well-pressed shirt and extreme fun, this is one activity you will surely love. Combining both a boring chore and a thrilling activity together, extreme ironing involves people taking ironing outdoors while performing dangerous activities. This popular sport started 12 years ago in 1997 in Leicester, UK. Image result for extreme ironingIt can be done both alone or in a group and activities done includes ironing while surfing, skiing, snowboarding and even underwater. Some even went to great extent such as parachuting and in the middle of a race. So, if you dread ironing your shirt at home, amp up the fun by bringing your iron and ironing board outside and do it while doing something extreme.

09. Cheese Rolling

One cheese, a steep hill and a group of crazy people is all this weird sport needs. Cheese rolling as the name suggest involves a cheese rolling down the hill while people roll and tumble along with the cheese in an attempt to grab it. Image result for cheese rollingThis sport dates back to as far as the 1800s and now it usually use foam replica of a 9 pound double Gloucester cheese. Injuries of both participants and spectators were reported including cuts and broken bones when tumbling down the hill. Due to safety concerns, cheese rolling was cancelled in some years including 1998, 2001, 2003  and 2010. However to maintain the cheese rolling tradition, a private committee would roll a single cheese down a hill.

08. Hobbyhorsing

Image result for hobby horsingAll the way in Finland is a weird sport involving teen girls riding a stick. No, Not what you’re thinking, it is a hobbyhorse. For those who do not know what a hobbyhorse is, it is basically just a stick with a plastic horse head at the top. Usually teen girls or preteen (Boys or adult also take part but less likely) in Finland compete against each other to see who can ride the hobbyhorse while jumping over hurdles, very much like a safer and cheaper form of equestrian. Although it is just running around and jumping over hurdles, this has become a craze in Finland and gradually becoming more well known around the world. It is also especially interesting as the ‘horse stick’ as the Finns would call it, are crafted creatively by competitors themselves.

07. Underwater Hockey

Image result for underwater hockeyAlso known as Octopush, this underwater sports involve fins, snorkel and holding your breath for a long time. Very much like a normal ice hockey, this only takes place underwater, usually in swimming pools, with a 12 inch stick. Some takes it to the extreme by playing under sheets of ice, underneath frozen ponds, literally playing ice hockey, some even without an oxygen tank. Underwater hockey was founded in 1954, by a British, Alan Blake along with other divers. Since then, it spread to as far as South Africa and Canada. It was considered a safe sport, as competitors only suffer common sports injuries such as sprains and torn muscles. However, drowning could occur if players were knocked unconscious by the puck. This is still an interestingly crazy sport to try out once, especially if you’re an ice hockey fan

06. Giant Pumpkin Regatta

From underwater we move the surface. Very much like a boat race, this sport originating from and an annual tradition of Tualatin, Oregon involves a pumpkin raft and a paddler who would race it along a course. Image result for giant pumpkin regattaWhen I say pumpkin I mean a real giant sized homegrown pumpkins, carved out by competitors themselves. This give them a chance to show off their barely floating pumpkins to other giant size pumpkin enthusiasts. Some even went to the extent of beautifying their pumpkin by adding animal designs like a duck head or a seahorse body. So, if you have bored and love growing giant size pumpkins, you would surely love this crazy sport.

05. Wife Carrying

Movie dates and candlelight dinners are romantic kind of dates but can it build a bond as strong as this sport. Originating in Finland, self-explanatory name of this sport, wife carrying involves a man carrying his wife. Not just carrying her, but carrying her through an obstacle. They have to run through a 253.5 m track while enduring both dry and wet terrains. Image result for wife carryingCommonly it is performed while the female is upside down with her legs around the male neck and her arms around the waist. However, other forms of carries are done such as the piggyback or the fireman carry. No wife yet? You can still participate as the ‘wife’ could also be your neighbor or a female found at a distance from home. Wife carrying has been popularizing around the world including Australia and the United States. So, now you can show your love to your wife by carrying her around

04. Shin Kicking

Image result for shin kickingSometimes referred to as hacking or purring, is a combat sports and Cotswold Olimpiks with one aim, to kick your opponent shin as hard as possible until they fall on the ground. With straws around their shins, competitors grabs their opponents collar and start kicking each other shins with their feet or toe. A point is earn every time the opponent drops onto the floor. In ancient shin kicking, when a player has had enough suffering, they would shout sufficient resulting in a loss. However, in modern competition, the players who wins two out of three rounds wins the game. Now, competitors are required to wear soft boots unlike in the past where they were a lot to wear steel-toe boots and some even went to the extend of hitting their shin with hammer to increase tolerance. This sport is definitely one for those with high agility and endurance.

03. Toe Wrestling

Image result for toe wrestlingIf you suck at the popular game, thumb wrestling, you could try out something similar which involves your toes. This bizarre sport has been around since 1976, in a pub in Wetton, Derbyshire, UK. Using only their bare feet, competitors will place their feet together and interlock their big toes in an attempt to pin the other foot down. it is also a form of common courtesy for the players to remove their opponents shoes and socks before playing against each other. In 1997, it was applied to be a game in the Olympics but unfortunately it was rejected. Who knows in the near future it might be an actual sports recognized in the Olympics.

02. Chess Boxing

http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-YpNGqweDQgo/UHavVGnX1XI/AAAAAAAAOC0/lNLqWvk8-gc/s1600/chessboxing.jpgLiterally the battle of the brain and the brawn, chess boxing, as the name suggest, it is a fusion of the cerebral board game of chess and the physical sport of boxing. Started in 2003, adapted from a 1992 comic, this sport starts off with a three minute chess game which is then interrupted by a bout of five minute boxing match. In total there are a of 6 chess and 5 boxing alternating rounds. Competitors are separated based on their weight class very much like in boxing. http://www.cameracrewgermany.com/uploads/2012/11/chess-Boxing-6.jpgWinning can occur in various ways including knockout or technical knockout in the ring, checkmate during chess, when opponent exceed the time limit in chess, disqualification or if the opponent resign. Put your head and your body to the test with this chess and boxing Frankenstein sport.

01. Ferret Legging

Image result for ferret leggingLess of a sport more of a form of torture, this involves a competitor stuffing ferrets down their pants in a test of endurance. What is so bad about these cute little creatures? If you don’t already know, ferrets are actually ferocious creatures with sharp teeth and can bite hard on you. So to keep this creatures in you pants for a long time is not an easy task. Especially when the top and bottom is fasten such that ferrets are unable to escape. Former world champion, Reg Mellor would wear white pants to this competitions to show off the blood stains from the ferret bites and clawing. Mellor held a record of 5 hours 26 minutes for 29 years until 2010 when Frank Bartlett & Christine Farnsworth broke his record with 5 hours 30 mins. Anyone willing to try to have ferrets in your pants for 6 hours?

Here are 10 of the craziest sports which might never make it to Olympics but definitely ones that are entertaining to watch. If you like crazy things like do check out my other posts like The 10 Strangest World Record.

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