10 types of Mandela Effects You Might Experience

Have you ever remember an event or experience that never actually happen? You surely must have. This common phenomenon is called the Mandela Effect. Here are 10 types of Mandela Effects that you probably would have experience.

10. Movie dialogues

Image result for hello clariceIf you saw the movie ‘Silence in the Lambs’, you will probably be one of the many that remember the famous line “Hello Clarice”, when Clarice first met Hannibal Lecter. However, that is FALSE, Hannibal actually said “Good morning”. It even became a meme, but little did anyone know, Hannibal never actually said it. Maybe you have not watch ‘Silence in the Lambs’ but surely you would know the very famous line from Star Wars of which Darth Vader said to Luke Skywalker, “Luke, I am your father”. Well actually, he said, “No, I am your father”. What about ‘Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs’? The evil queen famous phrase “Mirror, Mirror on the wall” is actually “Magic mirror on the wall”. You will not find any version of the movie where the evil queen actually said “Mirror mirror” instead of ” Magic mirror”. Explaining this phenomenon, it could be one of those misheard thing by a million people or really we are actually in an alternate realm.

09. Films

So, movie dialogues can probably be misheard but what about film Image result for sex in the citynames which we read? Some examples of this includes the film ‘Interview with the Vampire’ which many, probably including you remember it as ‘Interview with A Vampire’. Well anyone could make an honest mistake of mistaking ‘a’ instead of ‘the’. Remember the film ‘Sex in the City’? Actually it is named ‘Sex and the City’. However, there are multiple video on Youtube showing merchandise from the show which blatantly labels ‘Sex in the City’. Could this be possible proof of an alternate universe? Another more weird Mandela effect is when many recalls Sinbad the Entertainer playing a genie in a 90’s movie called Shazaam which never actually existed. However, there is a 90’s movie title Kazaam which starred Shaquille O’Neal as a genie. It is possible they could have mistaken the two movies, but others argued the two being distinctly different.

08. Cartoon Shows

Apart from films, people did mis-remember animated series too, such as the famous ‘Looney Toons’, I mean ‘Looney Tunes’. Image result for looney toonsYes it is actually Tunes and not Toons, which does not make as much sense. Toons would make more sense as it’s the ending of  ‘Cartoons’ while Tunes does not really mean anything based on show context. You remember the modern Stone Age family ‘The Flintstones’ right? And if you do you will definitely recall the name being spelled ‘The Flintstones’. No mistake there, it is spelled that way now. However, there are people remembering that at a point of time, the spelling was changed to ‘The Flinstones’ (No ‘T’ in the middle). Then, it was changed back to the old spelling with the ‘T’ like a double Mandela effect.

07. Cartoon Characters

Image result for curious georgeMis-remembering names of cartoons is one thing, but to forget the appearance of a cartoon character is another. If you are a huge Pokemon fan, you would surely know who Pikachu is, but how much do you know about Pikachu? Many insisted that Pikachu has a black mark at the tip of his but actually his tail is all yellow and in no episode is the tip of his tail black. Another example is curious George the monkey, you surely would remember him as being like every normal monkey with a tail. However, he never actually had a tail. Then, what about the famous board game Monopoly? Remember the guy with the top hat, pennybags and the monocle? Well, actually he did not have a monocle on but many insisted he does. This occurrence could be due to generalization, like how a monkey should have a tail and an old rich man should be wearing monocles.

06. Portraits

Image result for king henry viiiEven famous paintings can be misremembered by the masses. One example of a portrait Mandela effect is the famous Da Vinci painting of Mona Lisa and her controversial smile. Many remembered she had an expressionless face when they first saw it but now she has a smile on her. The scientific explanation to this phenomenon is that the paining is like an optical illusion, like when eyes follow you wherever you stand. Likewise, the angle the painting look at could possibly show a smile or an expressionless face. Another painting is the formal portrait of King Henry VIII which many remember him holding a turkey leg in his right hand to symbolize the kings comfortable lifestyle. In films and cartoons, it portrayed the King Henry VIII eating bird legs, which many could adapt from and depicting it into the pictures.

05. Book Names

Image result for berenstein bearsApart from films and cartoon names, this effect also occurs in Books too. The most well-know example is the children book titled ‘The Berenstain Bears’ which many claims to actually recall it being spelled as ‘The Berenstein Bears’ as a child. However, there are no record that shows it was ever being called ‘The Berenstein Bears’. One redditor discovered an old VHS tape in his attic which was labelled as Berenstein but Berenstain in the tape. Also, in old TV guide and news articles, it was referred to the misremembered spelling which could be due to those who write the labels and articles thinking it was spelled that way. Other than ‘The Berenstain Bear’, Remember the book ‘Smokey the Bear’? Another Mandela effect which was actually titled Smokey Bear. Although there are photos and memorabillas of it being spelled with ‘the’ it is actually titled ‘Smokey Bear’

04. Song Lyrics

From the famous Queens song ‘We are the Champions’, do you remember it ending something like ‘Cause we are the champions….of the world’? Then you are wrong there is actually no ‘of the world’. Image result for queens bandThis puzzles a lot of people including me because I was a big fan of this song when I was younger and I used to sing this song a lot and I distinctly remember ending the song with ‘of the world’ and surely I could not have come up with that myself. Then there is the opening jingle of Mister Rogers Neighborhoods which everyone remembers has a line ‘It’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood’ but now it actually goes ‘It’s a beautiful day in this neighborhood’. It could possibly be a common mistake of misheard lyrics but the very many who insisted the lyrics changed makes it more mysterious.

03. Brands

Image result for oscar mayerFood brands are very popular examples of the Mandela effect which includes the famous ‘Oscar Mayer’, many remembers of it being spelled as ‘Oscar Meyer’. Then, there is the famous fast food chain ‘Mcdonalds’ which many spells it with an ‘A’ (Macdonalds) and ‘Chic-Fil-A’ with a ‘K’ (Chick-Fil-A). And also, remembering the peanut butter Jif as Jiffy, candy bar ‘Kit Kat’ with a dash as ‘Kit-Kat, the cereal ‘Froot Loops’ spelled as ‘Fruit Loops’ instead and the air freshener, ‘Febreze’ with two ‘E’s instead of one (Febreeze). What is one possible explnation behind this? We are leaving in an alternate universe? No, it could be that sometimes we spell some words by how we perceive it to be through the way we pronounce it.

02. Miscellaneous

Image result for tank manSome are even able to interpret an even that never actually happen like the one in Tiananmen Square protest of which a man dubbed the ‘Tank man’ was standing in front of several tanks as a form of peaceful resistance. Many insist remembering he was being run over by the tanks. However, in the actual footage, he was being dragged out of the way. Then, there is also the famous Poland serial killer, Lucian Staniak also known as Red Spider who allegedly preyed on woman but in actual fact, this serial killer never actually existed. Despite details of his murders and biography available online, this serial killer was actually the crimes of two teenagers while people still believe remembering seeing news about him on the television. The reasoning behind this could be that we apply memories from other events and believe it to be true.

01. Death

Of course not forgetting the phenomenon that gave this effect its name. The death of Nelson Mandela. This effect was coined by Paranormal enthusiast, Fiona Broome, who remembered the South African activist death being in the 1980s. She was able to provide details of his funeral. Another death that many misremembered is the death of famous escape artist Harry Houdini. He was remembered to have died performing one of his legendary escapes on stage but he actually died from a rupturedImage result for president kennedy shot appendix when one of his student punched him. Then, also there’s the assasination of President Kennedy. Are you one of the many who remembered the car he was int being a 4-seater prior to the assassination? Then you are wrong because it was actually a 6-seater and there was six people in it.

These are 10 Types of Mandela effects. Have you experience it all or any of it? Or are there others that you believe could be proved of an alternate universe? It surely is interesting to be thinking about the possibilities. Do leave a comment of some other Mandela effects you have experienced.

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